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    To send out into the world children who are confident and capable of realizing their potential as they grow, learn and evolve into worthy citizens. 


    April 2022 dawned with the good news that schools will be back to normal schedule i.e., most of the Covid restrictions will be lifted. Thus, Academic Year 2022-23 began with a positive note. It was indeed a great pleasure to have children back at school in full swing. This also brought a new set of challenges. Scholastic and co-scholastic activities were conducted as they were done in the pre-pandemic years. Teaching of all subjects including physical education was resumed in full swing in the offline mode. In order to reduce screen time yet maintaining touch with technology activities were planned in a balanced way. Where ever possible, social interactions among students were encouraged.
    The year began on April 6 th 2022 for Classes 6 to 9. All the school activities were also resumed in the offline mode. A few interesting initiatives were also taken. As the students were at home for nearly two years, Physical Education and life skill classes were given more importance, to address adjustment issues. Parent Orientation Meeting was conducted separately for each class in the month of June. Parents were briefed about school functioning and academic processes. Parents also discussed their views and expectations, which helped us, understand their perspective. At the end of Term 1, parents were again invited for a class-wise meeting with teachers. Apart from this parents of students needing improvement in academic performance were called for regular reviews with teachers and the Principal. In-house as well as out-sourced training programs and workshops were conducted for teachers periodically. These programs have ensured continuous professional development of teachers.
    In order to achieve higher scholastic skills, students participated in SOF Olympiads, GREEN Olympiad, Aryabhatta Ganit Challenge, CBSE Expression series, FIT India Quiz and ASSET examinations. Teachers also enhanced their skills by participating in CENTA Teaching Professional Olympiads and CTET. All these exams were conducted partly online and partly offline.
    Events for the year began with inauguration of Clubs in June. Students of Classes 6 to 9 chose one club out the fifteen clubs. Exciting inter Class Culturals “SANSKRITI” was held in the last week of June, where students of Class 8 & 9 showcased their talents in performing arts. In the month of July sporting events were conducted which culminated in Sports Day. School Annual Day was the most gala event of the year in which students put up a 2 hour long program comprising of Music, Dance and Drama in August. English & Tamil recitation competitions were held for all Students. Prizes for winners were sponsored and distributed by members of the Parent Teachers’ Association on Children’s Day. All our school students exhibited projects made on Agriculture on Project Day held in November. All co-scholastic activities were brought to a conclusion with the Clubs Valedictory Function, in which activities of each club was summarized by the respective club secretaries and presidents.
    Students were taken for Excursion. Sea shell Museum, Farm Guru, Rail Museum and VGP Maine world, were the places visited by Classes 6, 7, 8 and 9, respectively. Excursion provided enjoyment as well as learning to students.
    Earth Day, World environment Day, International Yoga Day, Independence Day, Entrepreneurship Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Matrubhasha Diwas, Unity Day, Constitution Day, Republic Day and National Science Day, were commemorated in their true spirit. Students prepared Charts, speeches, models etc to bring out the essence of each event.
    To sum up the Academic Year 2022-23, was exciting as well as challenging. Post pandemic situation has forced us look at new perspectives with respect to teaching skills, assessment techniques and soft skills of students. Based on feedback from parents and students we intend to address the gaps and improve in the coming academic year. With this I conclude that with the support of parents and constant efforts from our teachers, we will continue to send out into the world children who are capable of realizing their potential and become worthy citizens.
    Dr. Meenakshi Jankiraman


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